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Exchange Programs


Semester Program

(5 months)

Students attend a Korean High School and live with a volunteer host family for 5 months.

Why study abroad in South Korea?

Short Term

Short Term Programs

(4~6 Weeks)

Students attend a Korean high school and live with a volunteer host family or in a dorm-stay for 4~6 weeks.

Studying abroad can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, that not many people will be able to experience, or even consider trying. Exchange programs are all about cultural experience and education.

Korea has it’s own values, just like any other country. Although your home country may be big and interesting, or small with an abundance of history and culture, there are some things that you will never be able to experience in your hometown, that you would be able to abroad; So why miss out? 

By studying abroad in South Korea, you will be pushing yourself to immerse in a completely different culture and lifestyle than what you are accustomed to. Whether you’re placed in the countryside, or a bustling city; whether you're in the country for 5 months, 6 weeks, or even just 4 weeks; you’ll be able to fully immerse into the world around you, enabling you to gain a better understanding of Korean culture and lifestyle, rather than viewing it as a tourist. Studying abroad in Korea will help you gain a sense of responsibility, independence, open-mindedness, and acceptance towards people of other cultures (you may share this experience with other exchange students, from all over the world!). 

Additional Program Information

Age Ranges of Participation:

15 years ~ 18.5 years

Types of Schools:

public, private schools


semester, short term

Volunteer host Families, dorm stays

Contact us

Learn more about KISE, our programs, and how to exchange in Korea by reaching out to us. Please email us in English or Korean with a short self-introduction, as well your inquiries, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We look forward to your correspondence!

*** Please send me text messages with your questions or comments.

Study period

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